New Power Coin will serve as the underlying foundation of the blockchain to provide a new source of traffic for the Internet. By using blockchain technology, internet traffic targeting will never be more accurate, and your data will never be owned by anyone.

To make this goal more achivable, the New Power Coin has taken use of existing technologies and provided own technplogies to maximal ensure every feature has its powerful use: to make cryptocurrency more easy and usable.

Based on these features, we will soon build up a decentralized traffic platform using New Power Coin as the foundation block chain technology.

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NEW POWER COIN Mobile Wallet

Convenient and fast, the assets are carried around, and you can keep abreast of capital trends.


We completely redesigned a futuristic wallet for the use of blockchain advertising. Currently, it supports a bunch of new features.

Currently, the new wallet is ready for download. Supports Windows and MacOS.

State-of-the-art UI design

Excellent innovative software works.first-class experience.

Advertising features integrated

Get advertising rewards even without coins.

Elegant design and easy to use

Perhaps the most user-friendly crypto wallet software in history.

Quickest masternode set up

Extremely.simplify the setup of the masternodes.


New Power Coin 1.0 (QT Basic version) wallets for your specific OS.
Windows, Mac and Linux are supported.

Wallet features include:

  • All user-interfaces are redesigned. Clean and elegant.
  • Masternode settings. (One-key deployment coming soon.)
  • Zerocoin mixing and minting.
  • SwiftTX instant send feature.
  • Improved localization.


Any advertiser and publisher can now log in to New Power Coin's exchange platform to publish and serve ads.

Check out for more info.

Listed Exchanges EXCHANGES

New Power Coin has been listed on multiple exchanges, and more to come!


Click the link below to download New Power Coin whitepaper.



To best support the application of New Power Coin, we've decided to set up the financial specs as below.

Total Supply

73,000,000 (~4 years)

Masternode Collateral



Block Time: 2 Minutes

Block Size: 2 Megabytes



Block Rewards
  • PoW Phase Period:
    Masternodes:70%, Miners:30%
  • [block# 1] 7,000,000

  • [block# 2-2000] 1

  • [block# 2001-23600] 100

  • PoS Phase Period:
    Masternodes:80%, PoS:20%
  • [block# 23601-300000] 100

  • [block# 300001-1000000] 50

  • [block# 1000001-2000000] 25

  • [block# 2000001-3000000] 12.5

  • [block# 3000001-] 6.25

  • Super blocks:
  • 15 super blocks for every 21600 blocks (~1 month), reward: 1000

  • Development: 1,000,000

  • Public: 3,500,000

  • Airdrop Bounty & Reservation *: 750,000

  • Angel investors: 1,750,000

    * Will explain later.

  • Ports
  • rpc port= 61473

  • p2p port= 61472

  • Testnet rpc port= 61475

  • Testnet p2p port = 61474

Roadmap RoadMap

First half 2018
  • - Beta test of New Power Coin.

  • - Main net launch.

  • - Basic functions like Website, wallet and block explorer, etc.

  • - Development of enhanced features of blockchain.

  • - Partially test traffic data.

  • - One-key masternode setup.

Second half 2018
  • - Rewrite graphical wallet with Javascript & Electron.

  • - Starting internet traffic applications development.

  • - Traffic platform enhancements.

  • - Ad support for PC wallet.

  • - Ad platform development.

First half 2019
  • - Mobile wallet framework development.

  • - Mobile wallet alpha test.

  • - Ad platform supports both PC & Mobile.

  • - Ad platform beta test.

  • - Npwd & cloud services development.

  • - Mobile wallet public beta test.

Second half 2019
  • - Third party traffic support.

  • - Ad resource on-chain alpha test.

  • - Mobile wallet plug-in mechanism test.

  • - Multiple wallet plug-ins enabled. (OTC, eg.)

  • - Mobile SDK development.

  • - Mobile SDK third party support.

  • - Masternode server storage alpha test.

  • - Ad mobile ipfs on-chain test.

  • - Crowdfunding feature for on-chain apps.

  • - Fund raising for on-chain apps.

  • - Optimizing the consensus mechanism to meet user's follow-up behavior data on-chain storage capacity.

  • - Basic smart contract support to meet online users' precise data serving capabilities.

  • - Become one of the major traffic exchange platforms in the world.

  • - Decentralized user portrait analysis capability based on big data & deep learning.

  • - Cross-chain traffic conversion.

  • - Support the underlying connection to third-party DSP platforms.

  • - Support building a variety of independent platforms based on the New Power Coin chain.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Blockchain is a chained data structure in which data blocks are connected in a sequential manner in chronological order, and cryptographically guaranteed undistorted and unforgeable distributed database books. Its data structure is composed of data blocks arranged in chronological order. Each data block contains transaction information over a period of time, and is time stamped with a pointer to the previous block.

The digital currency we are talking about mainly refers to the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is an anonymous virtual currency. Cryptographic currency is issued without relying on fiat currency institutions and is not subject to central bank controls. It is based on the world's computer computing a set of equations open source code, generated by the computer graphics card, cpu a large number of operations, and the use of cryptography design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The cryptographic design allows the cryptocurrency to be transferred or paid only by the real owner. The biggest difference between cryptocurrency and other non-cryptocurrency currencies is the limited number of cryptocurrencies and their extremely strong scarcity. Because the total amount of open source code of this set of equations is limited, if one wants to get it, it must be obtained through the computer graphics CPU. Because the total amount of cryptocurrency is limited and scarce, the more mining, the higher the appreciation of the currency.

As a new cryptocurrency, the new power coin is not a Token, which is essentially different from the token issued based on Ethereum ERC20. The most basic difference is the difference between the actual total amount and the theoretical total amount. The Tokens of the ERC 20 are usually fixed in total amount, and the cryptocurrency needs to be obtained through various methods of mining.

Zero coin uses zero-knowledge proofs to achieve full financial privacy. Zero-knowledge proof is a cryptographic method in which one party (prover) can prove to another party (validator) that a given statement is correct, and no other information needs to be conveyed except that the statement is indeed correct. In a zero-money agreement, a zero-knowledge proof allows a financial transaction to only publicly display information sent or received by a coin. There are two major parts of the coin agreement. The first major part is the "coinage" transaction, which converts coins with public transaction records into completely private ones and stores them in a cumulative pool. The second major part is the "spend" transaction, which allows you to create a new currency that does not have a history of transactions, just to prove that you are the owner of a coin in the pool. This is achieved through cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs to achieve this magical function.

You can set up a certain percentage of the total coin amount of the automatic casting, or manually mint the coin on the private page of the wallet. Each denomination requires more than three.

A real-time trading technology, under the protection of the main node network, the SwiftTX transaction can reach confirmation and payment in seconds, without waiting for multiple confirmations to ensure the validity of the transaction.

By locking a certain number of coins in a specific server, a more stable decentralized server is used as a node to provide services to the network, and a reward mechanism is provided for continuous payment. The master node requires the server to provide stable services, and the IP is fixed. If you want an intuitive analogy, you can simply imagine a server mining.

Since many masternodes pay for computing resources and IP resources and provide services, making the entire New Power Coin network more healthy and stable, it is also appropriate to provide stable returns for the main node.

The main difference is that the PoS is an equity benefit, and the return depends on how much money is held in the wallet; the master node requires a fixed number of currency in the lock. If you want to visually compare, you can imagine the difference between demand deposits and time deposits.

Follow these steps:

You can completely turn off and try to restart your wallet.
Modify the npw.conf file, add the following

Or keep wallet wallet.dat and conf files, delete other data files, resynchronize.

The first time you run masternode, it may take 3-5 days to get a profit.

After you put the coin in your wallet, you can wait for rewards. If you do not receive a reward, wait a few more hours.

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